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Dont miss out on adventures when you travel.

It's like buying a bestseller and only looking at the cover.

I am a Barbadian but I am also a traveller. I love to see new places and have adventures. A few years ago I went to Alaska which I absolutely love and the Rocky Mountains which I also absolutely love….. I am not quite sure I could give up my warm blue sea and fishies for them though anyhow I digress. When I am planning a trip I do a lot of research before I go. I research the top places to see and experiences to have and I use Google maps to coordinate everything. One day when we were driving my boyfriend saw a sign on the side of the road about a boat trip to see bears….. now I was hesitant not because of the bears because I wanted to see them but because I had not heard of this place and it was just a sign an a path that went over a railroad and a bridge. We could not see any further. I decided to resist my urge to stick to the plan and go along for the adventure…. I can’t always be the one calling the shots lol as an organizer it’s hard to give up the reigns sometimes but as a good girlfriend I have to . Once again I digress … anyhow it turned out to be one of the best adventures we had on our holiday and it resulted in me not only seeing a bear but it was a mama bear and her two Cubs and we enjoyed watching them on the shore safely from the boat.

The world is so full of so many wonderful places and they have so many wonderful and different experiences to offer. We could have just stayed in the car and driven past but on the very wise suggestion of my boyfriend we went and had a fabulous experience that we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives.

I know the picture of the flower has nothing to do with my story but in a way it does because my message is: Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to have experiences that you will treasure for a lifetime. Don’t just take a plane somewhere and stay in a hotel or lie on a beach…. Well lie on a beach a few days and snorkel and dive but also explore and experience what the country really has to offer you. I am sure glad that I do and I can’t wait to explore more of the world and also to share my world with you.

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