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Bajan Treasures, Made in Barbados Part 2: Earthworks Pottery

For those of you who are frequent visitors to Barbados I am sure that you are very familiar with Earthworks pottery and their masterpieces.

For those of you who have not yet visited Barbados or you have not yet been introduced to their beautiful creations I will share this little tip with you; There is not another single Barbadian made item that I have ever heard so many visitors speak about with such enthusiasm, so much so that many visitors save space in their suitcases to accommodate. their many planned purchases. The pottery will also box and ship items for you which is most convenient.

Earthworks was established in 1983 by Goldie Spieler, it is now run by her son David who is extremely friendly. David can often be found behind his wheel in the pottery and he along with the capable Earthworks staff are always ready to have a chat and share with you their many marvellous creations.

The pottery produces a fully functional line of tableware in round, square, rectangular and oval pieces. The red clay ceramic pieces fired to stoneware temperatures make their pottery ideal for the home or restaurant. The creativity does not stop at tableware as they make everything from fabulous mugs that will quickly become your favourite to berry bowls, bathroom sinks, table tops and house signs. Every piece in unique and wonderful made.

One year I had them make some gingerbread men for my Christmas tree and I still enjoy hanging them on the tree every year 😊

Year after year visitors come and they visit the pottery adding to their collection as the pottery continues to produce more and more vibrant pieces of functional art.

I myself have my own treasure chest full and I don’t mind telling you I do not need too much encouragement to add to it. I am always looking forward to my next visit to the pottery to see what new and marvellous creations they have laying upon their shelves.

Walking through the back of the store offers a great experience as you can observe the potters and artist at work creating the pieces. You can learn about the whole process from the forming of the piece to the glazing and final firing.

Driving or Walking around Barbados you may also come across two wonderful pieces of art that has been creatively produced by Earthworks Pottery. One is along the Richard Haynes Boardwalk and the other is a mural in Warrens and encompasses 4,500 square feet and is made up of over 150,000 pieces of tile. The mural depicts the local ecosystem and the importance of preserving it. It starts with the marine environment with vibrant images of colourful fish, the beach and sea turtles and then moves inland to show the beautiful and delicate flora and fauna of the island. It highlights a typical village (complete with rum shop) and culminates in a return to the sea side with fishing boats bobbing serenely in aquamarine waters.

Earthworks is truly an earthy company, creating pieces of art vibrantly coloured by vibrant people working to protect and indeed encouraging us all to protect the earth from which their creations come from.

Please be sure to add them on to your list of places to visit if you have not already done so and don't forget to leave some space in your suitcase 😊

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